Automatic Payment Processing for Moneylender Professional

AutoPay is an ACH payment processing service provided by Whitman Technological that integrates directly with Moneylender Professional. Using AutoPay, you can add one-time and recurring payments to any loan in Moneylender. Whitman Technological moves the funds from the borrower’s bank account to yours, provides daily and monthly transaction reports by email, and updates the loan in Moneylender with the record of the payment automatically.

It’s a truly automatic and error-free way to let your borrowers pay their loans electronically from their US bank account to yours.

AutoPay is in Alpha testing, which means only a few lenders will be able to enroll for the first few months. After we’ve shaken out any lingering bugs in the system, we’ll open it up for a larger Beta test period to ensure that the system can scale without issue. By early 2019 we should be able to begin offering the AutoPay service to all Moneylender users.

To participate in the Alpha or Beta testing periods, send an email to with the number of loans you plan to process, the average payment amount you want to enroll, and a brief description of your business model (e.g. car dealership, construction loans, retail sales, etc.)

Submit your enrollment and bank details by logging into your Account.

Current Rate Sheet

per month
AutoPay Service Fee
per month
Optional Separate Batching (borrower sees your name instead of
Whitman Technological on their bank statement)
0.5% Fee charged for each payment processed
$1.00 minimum fee per payment
$25.00 Returned Item Fee (including NSF and disputed payments)

  • Allow your borrowers to pay electronically with their bank account.
  • Our system ensures compliance with all industry and government regulations.
  • Payments are credited to accounts automatically – no separate entry required.
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